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Apollo Client 🚀


If you love GraphQL,
let me hear you scream!

Hi, I'm Peggy! 👋

Engineering Manager


Our mission: Help developers succeed
building apps with GraphQL 🚀

Apollo has grown over 400%
in the past year.

State management is hard

Apollo removes complexity

30% of Apollo Client
users are also using
Apollo Link State.

It started off as an idea:

Today, these companies are managing their local state with Apollo:

One source of truth

One interface for your data

Promise of excellent tooling*

Apollo helps developers by
lowering the barrier to
building great apps.

"I'm a new frontend developer and our team at code school decided to learn GraphQL and deploy an app using Apollo in 2 weeks for our final project."

- Chad Whitaker (@tchadwhitaker), Momentum Learning

"Once you move to Apollo to handle data over the network, it becomes much harder to justify loading a library like Redux for local state management. Apollo fills that need perfectly."

- Adam Neary (@AdamRNeary), Airbnb

React developers want an opinionated way to manage data in their apps.

Apollo Client 2.5

npm install apollo-client@alpha

We're merging
Apollo Link State
into core! 🎉

Define your data model with client schemas

One familiar programming model across client & server

Dynamically add resolvers for code-splitting

More new features:

  • Support for local subscriptions
  • @export local fields as variables for server data
  • Async cache initializers for local & remote data

We improved Apollo
cache performance
by 2x on average.

To learn more, don't miss:
Apollo Client Caching in Depth
Ben Newman (@benjamn)
11/8 at 3pm in the Lodge

Excellent tooling is what the
Apollo developer experience
is all about.

Apollo VSCode

Now available in the Extension Marketplace!

Apollo VSCode

  • Autocomplete as you're writing queries
  • Inline tracing metrics from Engine
  • Deprecation warnings
  • Switch between schema tags
  • Peek schema definitions

Apollo VSCode

  • Connects to client schema
  • Warns against incorrectly extending types
  • Autocomplete for local queries
  • Peek client schema definitions
  • Peek fragment definitions and docstrings

Apollo CLI

TypeScript definitions for client schemas

We want you to learn state
management with Apollo
the right way.

Apollo tutorial 📚

  • Learn the Apollo platform by building and deploying a real-world app
  • Includes pagination, authentication, local state management, and more!

The Apollo tutorial 🚀

Available today at apollographql.com/docs!

What's next?

Apollo Client 3.0

What's on the roadmap?

#1: Merge Apollo Boost
into client core

At the same time, reduce bundle size

#2: Cache invalidation

Cache tags & garbage collection

#3: Modernize
React Apollo API

Suspense, hooks, and async server rendering

We want your
experience using Apollo
to be the best it can be.

Thank you Summit!